Health Tips from an Expert

Almost everybody wants to lose weight. In fact, probably nearly half of the world’s population will make a New Year’s resolution to start practicing a healthy lifestyle, still; most of them are doomed to fail. However, health experts say there are possible ways to ensure success. The secret is to avoid thinking about “resolutions” and instead, reframe your goal as a journey—a long-term lifestyle change that you can accomplish through specific steps.

Resolutions are normally vague and they lack actionable steps. They can even place an artificial time frame on making permanent changes. So instead of trying to resolve something, consider these tips from health experts on how to have a healthier lifestyle.

Make a Plan. Health experts believe that resolutions can only be successful once you are able to identify what it is exactly that you want to change and why. In fact, you have to think of your resolutions as healthier overall lifestyle changes. To help you kick off your goals, first you need to identify a specific change. What do you wish to improve upon? Your goal can be about your lifestyle, or something that you want to improve within yourself. Figure out exactly what you want to change so you can start plotting specific steps.

Once you have identified your goals, start asking yourself what is it today that you can take towards reaching your goal? Of course you can’t drop ten pounds in just one sitting! Maybe today you will start doing morning walks, or you begin to lessen your carbohydrate intake. Experts say that asking yourself what you can do rather than telling yourself, is a more subtle way in reaching your goal. Giving yourself some positive feedback is also another secret that will help you keep up with your goal. Whether you put a smiley face sticker on your calendar, or you give yourself a verbal pat on the back, giving yourself some credit for the progress you make is very helpful.

Get Fit by Doing Less. Instead of completely revamping your exercise and diet plans, or resolving to hazily work out more just to get in better shape quickly, health experts say this is not a practical idea. Instead, starting small and doing less is enough to jumpstart your weight loss plan. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Your ability in sustaining significant change decreases when you develop too many new habits at once. Thus, it is more practical to establish one ultimate long-term goal, adopt small changes a month so you can slowly but surely reach your goal.